1. Introduction

The website of Statistics Finland was one of my first impression of Finland. As a newcomer (I moved to Helsinki for my study last August), the official statistics is an important source for me to understand the country. I was impressed that the official statistics in Finland has a good quality of completeness and accessibility in English. While using the Statfin database, I gradually found some touch points which can be improved.

That's why I chose to redesign it when we were asked to hand up a theme for our Information Design coursework at Aalto. The redesign is an initial attempt and a prototype. More feedback and test is needed to concretize all the ideas.

The core aim of the design is to lower the threshold for transforming cold statistics data into comprehensive information, which should be interactive and visualised. It could be helpful not only for the citizens but also for the government employees who need to make data-based reports. This transformation could be also a basis for more strengthened civil society.

In order to submit it to the open call of showcase session of Visualize Knowledge 2018 conference, I spent more time after the course in bettering the detail of its design. The total period for conducting this project was around 6 weeks.

In this report, I would like to demonstrate it as a proposal for bettering the Statfin database. The report comprises the following parts:

  • Problem Framing: to illustrate a framework of the problems existing in current online services; to demonstrate on what basis I understand the services provided by Statistics Finland, and how did I conduct my research.

  • Redesign Statfin: the proposal of redesigning the online data bank of Statistics Finland.

  • Limitation and Discussion: to summarize the report by showing the limitation, and providing some insight into the further development.